Monday, January 31, 2011

E-Publishing and Self-Publishing

This is something that's been on my mind lately so I thought I'd discuss it here today.

Up until recently, I've been against self-publishing. I mean, when I was 12, I thought it was cool and had this ridiculous idea that I was going to self-publish my WIP. That idea quickly left my head. But, as I've grown up and entered the review world and read a few self-pubbed thoughts were always along the lines of "Self-published books suck. The author is just trying to find an easy way out, instead of querying and waiting and having their work edited like a normal person. If the story was good, they'd have an agent."

And, to a point, I still believe that. I believe that many times, people publish their rough drafts just to see their name in print. I believe a lot of the self-published books out there are books that need a lot more editing and rewriting. But, I also think that sometimes, self-publishing might be the right choice for someone, IF their work is edited, IF they've tried to get an agent and queried and queried and queried, IF the book is READY to be published.

I've had similar beliefs about e-publishing and e-books as well. My father wanted to get me a Kindle two years ago and I told him no way, absolutely not. I love my books. I love the smell of my books, I love how I can take a book off my shelf and pet its cover (yes, I do that) and flip to my favorite pages. I was upset when publishers started sending out e-galleys instead of ARCs. I wanted nothing to do with something that wasn't in book format.

But now...Now, I don't see it as such a bad thing. I don't think books will go completely out for a LONG time. I have the Kindle app on my iPod and I really wouldn't mind having a Kindle. I think that e-books can allow people to purchase books cheaper, especially when the publisher lowers the price to .99-2.99.

I've noticed a lot of times, e-publishing and self-publishing are becoming the same thing. Karly Kirkpatrick did it. Now Jessica Ashley (aka Jessica Burkhart) is doing it. Both of these authors are also taking it a step farther. Along with two other authors, Karly Kirkpatrick has created DarkSide publishing and Jessica Ashley and her BFF created Violet and Ruby. I'm really intrigued by both projects and I'm looking forward to following both to see what happens.

So. Thoughts? What do you think about self-publishing? E-publishing? What about the Violet and Ruby idea? I'd love to hear everyone's opinions!