Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello My Name Is

I love adding new characters. Introducing a character who plays a major role in a minor way is like a little inside joke to me. I'm in the background going, "Tee hee, the guy who's complaining at the checkout counter is the murderer. But you don't know it and now you're thinking about frozen carrots, hahaha." Generally I like my introductions of those such characters. They're subtle yet just-enough-stands-out-to-notice.


There is one character I've been having difficulty introducing lately: the love interest. How much description is necessary? Should it be another subtle introduction, or one that stands out? How much of their character should come through in the first interaction?

In Rain I didn't have that problem. In my last WIP, I hemmed and hawwed a little about that particular scene, but worked it out quickly enough. In my current story, I'm past the initial introduction, and still trying to decide if there's Too Much Intro or Not Enough Personality and et cetera.

What are your opinions on introductions of major characters (particularly the love interest)?


PS Keep an eye out...big news coming soon from my direction!