Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Three W's

I’m not too picky when it comes to the where, what, and when. If I’m at work and I think of a great line or an idea for something, I’ll grab a scrap of paper and scribble it down. If I’m in the car on some highway, I dwell on it until I either get home and work on it or manage to find another scrap of paper.

But if I can choose the three W’s, it usually happens in the kitchen. I'm too lazy to whip out the camera and give you guys the actual thing, but it's an average kitchen with windows all around and the living room adjacent to it.

Also, when it’s really, really late and the dark kitchen gets a little too scary for me, I write in my bed. This usually doesn't last long since my laptop tends to overheat and I just get so sleepy.

I usually prefer to have a cup of coffee on hand and some music playing. And when I’m really planning on sitting there for hours – or until my backside goes numb – I’ll light a candle. No idea why; it’s just something I’ve discovered that I enjoy. Sometimes when I’m stumped I’ll just stare at the flame like it’s some kind of spirit that’s going to whisper, “This is what you should do…” Not creepy at all, I know.

Just a fun tidbit. This is the song I played over and over while I was writing my last book:

It just sets the mood, doesn’t it? Sort of whimsical, definitely magical, and entirely inspirational. What are your three W’s?