Saturday, February 5, 2011

Q&A With Saturday

Or: I'm sick and this is a prewritten post. Previously: Twitter people are crazy, but I love them.

Q1. What is your name?
2. What is your quest?
3. What is the average airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

(From @JenniferBWhite)

A1. As far as you need to know, Laina. ;)
2. Uh… wait… I have one. To do good deeds and never stop until I succeed. (No one is going to get that reference. Go watch this.)
3. 42.

Q: Will you make me some coffee? Whilst you do that, tell me, what's your fav type of YA novel?

A: I totally agreed to. My favourite type of YA is mostly paranormal. I like a good contemporary as much as the next person, but I have a bit less patience with them. Paranormal speaks to me. This is also why I haven’t finished a contemporary novel, I suspect.

(From @MiaHayson)

Q: 1. Which little place marker do you pick when you play Monopoly?

A. Our monopoly board didn’t have the car, money bag, or the train and my mom always took the top hat. I was usually the thimble or the guy on the horse because he “plonked” really well when you put him down. I would totally have been the train if we had that.

(From @JenniferBWhite)

This is where I start to suck. I expected to have more time to build this post... but I ended up needing it now. So... how about you ask me questions now and I'll answer them?

Peace and cookies,