Monday, February 7, 2011

Those Light, Fluffy YA Books

I have a confession - I love those light, fluffy YA books. You know, the ones that are slightly predictable, usually end happily, and involve some sweet boy, but are the perfect book to curl up with when you're having a bad day. Teen chick lit, one might call them.

All the rules of writing are always about being original, about not being predictable, and developing characters, plot, etc. But do all of those rules apply to the "chick lit" of YA? I mean, I'm not saying that every book should follow the same formula or that I don't love it when something turns out to be less predictable than I expected but...does it make the book bad if it's all just light and sweet fun?

Personally, I don't think so. Some books are meant to be dark, to make the reader think and cry and become emotionally attached but as important as those books are, I think it's important that we have the lighter, slightly predictable books. It's all about having a mix, right?

And yes, this is all on my mind because one of my (many) WIPs is light and fluffy and I plan on having a lot of fun with it!

So, what's your opinion? What are your favorite teen "chick lit" books?