Monday, February 14, 2011

Time Management

This isn't completely related to writing but it's not unrelated either. As writers, most of us teens, with lives outside of writing, we have to become skilled at writing in the spare moments and prioritizing things.

I've already mentioned that this year, my number one goal was to put experiencing life before writing. And, today, I took a big step towards that goal.

I got a job.

Yes, a job.

It all happened really fast - I dropped off my application this morning, got a call for an interview two hours later, went to my interview at 3, got hired, and I start work at 10:30 tomorrow. Then I had to run to JC Penney to get pants because apparently I don't own a single pair of khaki or black pants.

So now I'm sitting here all nervous and excited and ahhh.


I don't know how many hours a week I'll be working, probably somewhere around 20, but it's going to be time that could otherwise be spent writing. Sure, the money is going to be great, I definitely need it for Guatemala, but I'm nervous about having even less time to write.

I guess this is where time management and prioritizing come in, right?

So for all of you that balance school, work, and all your other activities with writing, how do you do it?