Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Judge a book by its cover?

I was doing a cover survey the other day and I was surprised, again, at how many I didn't like. And how, with the few I really liked, I REALLY liked them.

Recognizing what I don't like is way easier than pinpointing what I like in a cover. For example, I'm not a fan of covers that have a pale girl looking morosely off camera, with some hot, brooding guy in the background. One, all of these covers look the same to me. And two, I have guyfriends, and I see those guyfriends at school, in classes where I might take out a book to read after finishing an assignment. This may be ridiculous, but I'd feel a bit ridiculous reading a book with some hot model leering at some pale girl on the cover. (Even though I may like the story itself.)

But what I like, that's tough to describe. How about I show you a few of the ones I enjoy?

These aren't even necessarily my favorite books (though many of them are). Off the top of my head, they're my favorite covers.

What books do you think have awesome covers?...and why?

(announcement soon. Biding my time. :D)