Friday, February 18, 2011

When There Just Isn't Enough Time

Time Management!

This is something I have trouble with, because, let's face it- high school students and writers both love to procrastinate. And Hey! look, I'm both.
Some of you may be thinking "Zoe. Come on, your homeschooled. You have plenty of time to write. Psh, you've got all day!"
To the people who say that, I say no I don't. You are wrong.

I'm not trying to make excuses for not writing (well... maybe I am).

The truth is, I haven't written anything but reviews and essays for the past few weeks. But that's ok. I don't personally believe in writing every day. It works for some people, but it just doesn't work for me.
But I have also come to the point where I want to write. I really, truly do. I just seem to be stuck on what to write about. Which WIP to work on, or if I want to start a new one.
And here I was, going to write about time management. I suppose I should get back to that.

Time Management. Procrastination.
I strongly believe in making time to do the things I enjoy. It may be reading, writing, or watching Pretty Little Liars (oh my gosh you guys- that show is so addicting!). But it's sometimes hard to make time to do that sort of stuff when school, work, sports, and other things can get in the way.

Even if you don't write every day, like me, I think that people should try and make time every day to do something writing related. Outline, Blog, anything.

But let's face it- I am also one good procrastinator.