Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Performs a Switcharoo

If you read one of my posts towards the beginning of the summer, I mentioned I was starting a new project. A YA sci fi? Yup, that one.

Well, sometimes that thing happens where you totally feel like working on another project instead of the one you intended to work on. Plus I don't feel like I'm quite ready to write this sci fi. It's going to take a lot of research and I'm not fond of its beginning. I think it's something to put off for the future (slightly ironic as it takes place in the future, hehe).

So, my switcharoo! I'm switching over to the project I'm feeling right now, which is my 2011 NaNo, Society Road. It's definitely screaming at me to be revised and I love, love, love it, so I know it's something I'll enjoy (the sci fi wasn't very enjoyable to be working on).

Since I'm that awkward person that never really talks about their books to other people, but I'm writing on this blog about writing books and whatnot, I feel as if I should actually explain what this book is about. Because I may be talking about it a lot in the future ;)

Society Road is a dual POV YA contemporary. It centers around a boy named Devin and a girl named Ember. Devin's just moved to a new town, and really just wishes to fit in, play soccer, the normal stuff. However, it's a little difficult for him and he ends up interested in a town rumor going around that there's a 'ghost' that lives in the large forest around the town. When he's feeling a bit lost, he ventures into the woods and finds a girl--not a ghost, a real girl who's been living in the woods alone since she was a young girl. The book follows the development of their relationship and her interactions with society (if you remember, Ember was the protagonist I talked about in my 'get inside your head' post).

There may also be a serial killer.

So. I'm excited to work on that again.

What about you guys? New projects? Old projects? A mix of the two?