Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Craves Motivation

Initially, I kicked myself when I remembered last Tuesday morning (and the one before that) (and it probably doesn’t help that it’s nearly midnight here) that I forgot to post, but my horrible blunder actually serves a purpose in my post this week.

 Early on in my sophomore year, our school’s college counselor had our class take an aptitude test to see what our personalities and work ethics looked like. I was skeptical at first; even the most in-depth personality test I had ever taken online had been vague and uninformative at best. Nevertheless, I took it (after much persuasion on my college counselor’s part), and I was shocked at how, well, meaty it was. It asked around 90 questions (my ADHD kicked in around #30) which ranged from inquiries about group projects to music tastes. We didn’t get the results right away; instead, they were given to our parents at a later meeting for us to read.

The bullet point that caught my eye instantly was the one that read, “While Victoria is a spontaneous and outgoing individual, she probably finds that she cannot commit to long-term projects and is not easily motivated.” At first, I was shocked, but then I realized that everything the statement suggested was absolutely true. I am a spontaneous and outgoing person; however, as you can tell from my lack of posts and the fact that I’ve started to only post every other week (curses! I truly am horrible), I do have commitment problems as well as motivational issues.

 After I read my test results, I couldn’t sleep. I thought about all the times I had started novels and short stories, but kicked them aside to pursue other ideas. Seriously, I was haunted, and I felt so guilty. How could I call myself a writer and not, well, write on a daily or weekly basis? When I get around to actually writing a piece, my creative side comes out and I can crank out a word or two, no problem. But you can obviously tell from my lack of posts that I continue to have trouble with this.

 I don’t have a sure-fire way to motivate myself and work on my commitment issues, which is why I wrote this post, wondering if anyone could help me out. What do you guys do for problems like mine?