Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday’s Playlist for her WIP

I am kinda busy today, so I decided to give you a look at my playlist for my WIP. Enjoy :)

"The One The Got Away by Katy Perry (Cover by Christina Grimmie)

This song kinda sort matches with my WIP. They are each other’s “one that got away”, but the details are kinda fuzzy. I really love the mood of this. It fits so well with my WIP.

"Hold It Against Me" by Brittany Spears (Cover by Sam Tsui)

I like this song because it just reminds me of the struggle my MC faces when it comes to her love interest. They aren't exactly like the lyrics, but she does struggle with him and if they should be together which is what I think about when I hear this song.

BTW you should check out Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie’s cover of “Just a Dream” by Nelly. It doesn’t go in my playlist, but it’s an amazing song anyways.

"I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz (Cover by Julia Sheer) 

Wasn't the video so cute? Anyways I really love this song. I loved the Jason Mraz version as well, but this version just feels so honest. If my WIP was a musical, my MC would definitely sing this song. 

“Try” by Laura Zooca 

 This is just so pretty. I love the mood and the lyrics.
“I could try and say that I don't need you anymore
But all that I know is you've found a way to let me go
While I'm slow dancing with the memory of us”
"Cheetah Sisters" by The Cheetah Girls

The memories of this song alone make me smile. There is a really strong sister relationship in my WIP that really gets put to the test. This song basically summarizes their entire relationship. My favorite part is when they say “'cause mama didn’t raise no fool” makes me smile because that is so true for my sisters. Their mama is not the type to raise fools.

"Monster" by Skillet

This doesn't exactly fit the mood of the rest of the songs, but it is another song that REALLY fits my WIP. Most of my characters (especially one in particular) deals with their own monsters which plays a big part in their individual character and plot arcs. 

Did you like the songs? Which was your favorite? What’s on your playlist?

BTW This isn’t about playlists, but if you haven’t already, you should check out the Lizzie Bennet Diaries on Youtube. Start from episode one though. Today’s episode was so adorable. So check it out. I really love what they did with Mary and Kitty :)