Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday is Slightly Preoccupied

Argh. Grrr. Rawr. More pirate noises.

Today was the start of my church's Vacation Bible School, so I have been away from my computer all day. Therefore, I have nothing to blog about... apologies. I really could not think of anything on my ten minute bathroom break that was worthy enough to write about (unless you think Wookies, Benedict Cumberbatch, or the philosophy book I've been attempting to read for school are super interesting and would make lovely topics).

Well... I'll keep you all entertained with these amazing Star Wars song parodies. It's going off my Wookie rabbit trail in my mind. Take the rest of the night easy and stay tuned for next Monday, 'cuz I promise I'll be epic-er. Props to my good friend Sarah for the awesomeness!

Call Me Maybe - Star Wars Edition

The Star Wars That I Used to Know (George Lucas, we all despise you)