Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday on Second Anniversaries

Or: I'll think of a subtitle later. (Or not.)

As Jewels said on Thursday, our second blogoversary (it's like an anniverary for a blog, get it?) was on Wednesday.

Two years ago when this blog started:

- I was seventeen.

-I had just written Spyder. (You might have heard me talk about that once in a while? The one I've been revising for, like, ever? Yeah, I wrote that two years ago. Surprises the heck out of me, too.)

In the last two years, I've:

- Written two more books. (And half a book that failed before I finished it, but, hey, it still exists. And also a 15k short story which may not seem that long but DARN IT, I do not write short stuff!! And it was contemporary! And it has no swearing! DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD THAT THING WAS TO WRITE?) (Okay, I'm done now. Honest, I'm using lower-case letters again.)

- Got a new job.

- Got an RSI. Which, hey, I should wearing my wrist brace to type this.

- Erm. Apparently that's all I've done in two years. I don't have an exciting life.

Future-y type stuff:

- I'm revising my second novel. Yay revision.

- I'm going to query that thing if it's the last thing I do. I hope.

- *mumbles something about a new book*

- I also go back to work in September, at the library and baby-sitting.

At least, those are a couple of my goals and things I'm pretty sure are going to happen, but who knows! Anything could happen.

What are your goals? What were you guys up to two years ago?

Peace and cookies,