Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday is a Failure

I didn't post last Friday because college is eating my life. Which is something I wanted to write about here.

I'm majoring in a broad genre of English. At community college, there's not really a need to specify under what category of "English" you're studying. But I'm transferring to a university for my junior and senior year, where I'll need to decide a more acute major.

And I have one of two choices that I'd like to consider: one being literature, which I'm really leaning towards, and the second being creative writing.

Really, I want to write for the rest of my life. The realistic side of things is that I'll have to get a steady job to support that. I considered teaching, but I honestly have absolutely no idea what I want to do other than write, write, write.

And so I'm going to school for it. I want to take other classes that will help me with my writing, and I am. Mythology, for one, has been a huge help. And studying books gives me a lot of inspiration. I've gotten more story ideas this semester than any other time period. There are just so many stories to pull from in history, mythology, etc.

And a reason I want to major in literature is A) because I love literature B) it gives me inspiration and C) it teaches me writing. You need to read to learn to write.

But you also need to write to learn to write, which is where the creative writing part comes in handy. But then again, I don't want to have assignments that seem like chores and uninspire me. I will always write, regardless of if I have writing classes, so I'm not sure if this major is fully for me.

Many authors have also said that creative writing kills your creativity, which seems like an oxymoron but I think there's truth in it. If you're being told what to write and how to write it, it takes the fun out of things. But if the teachers are good and have thoughts and experience that's worth learning, it would be interesting.

Anyway: thoughts? Have any of you taken a creative writing class? Are you in or have graduated from college - if so, what's your major? Or if not, what are you planning on majoring in or can you offer up some helpful advice?