Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How do you feel about parodies?

Books are usually the first items I notice in a room, so when I walked into the living room after school today I noticed Nightlight by the Harvard Lampoon lying on the table. My sister got it from the library the other day, and obviously I picked it up right away instead of doing my silly math homework. Nightlight is a parody of Twilight; I'm only a few pages into it and I'm already laughing. Which got me thinking about parodies.

I think I like parodies. I'm sure there are some exceptions--as in, parodies that are poorly done or overdone--but for the most part parodies and satire crack me up. The trailer for Vampires Suck had me in stitches. Weird Al songs make me grin. "Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer" on YouTube is hilarious. And did you know that Lord of the Flies is a parody of Coral Island?

Parodies for me are exceptionally funny when I really like or really dislike the original work. What about you guys? Do you find parodies funny, or demeaning, or ridiculous, or even all of the above?