Thursday, October 21, 2010

On Titles

Life's been hectic for me - job, school, everything else in between. I'm sorry I didn't post last week. I am truly ashamed.

Anyway, this week my mind's been on titles. There's a manuscript I'm working on, and I'm coming up with nothing for it. Tossing around ideas, asking friends, poking around in songs and poems all seems to be fruitless. So my post this week is a little different in the fact that I'm not throwing out my own sad supply of wisdom at you guys. I'm just wondering... How do you come up with the perfect title?

Just an interesting tidbit. Apparently - at least I've read in some interviews and blogs - novels are often published with a different title than the one the author originally came up with. For instance, did you guys know that Stephenie Meyer titled Bella and Edward's famous story Forks, before someone else came up with Twilight? And Sarah Dessen's newest book, What Happened to Goodbye, she had originally named Cut and Run.

Just goes to show that even when we think of what we believe to be the perfect title... might not be so perfect after all.