Tuesday, November 16, 2010


In eighth grade, that photo studio thing on the computers was considered the best possible way to spend a study hall. You know, the program—I can’t remember the name—wait, Photobooth!—where you take pictures of yourself and your friends and change settings to make it look like you guys were slammed onto the page of a comic book or painted in oil. (Well, not that cool, but still.)

I never got too caught up in the idea—why did I need that many pictures of myself making faces?—but once in a while I goofed around with my friends. One of those times resulted in a story idea. A fantastic story idea.

It was me and Katie and my other friend Sophie in the computer lab. I was in the middle of editing Rain, so when Sophie pulled up Photobooth, I was going to suggest that we pose like spies. You know, all James-Bond-Girl-esque. But Katie quickly suggested silly faces, and we were immediately comic book goofballs.

Then Sophie clicked this really cool setting. I don’t even know what to call it, and the countdown for the picture was going 3, 2, 1, and I decided to do a “Shh,” spy pose. After, when the picture was frozen onscreen, I saw it was perfect. They’d practically read my mind, posing in a secretive manner as well. And immediately I said, “Save that! I’m going to write that story.”

I love ideas like that, that come from an image or phrase with so much untapped potential. Have you ever had an idea from a picture?